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Translation software: Orient Yaxin CATS.


Beijing Orient Yaxin Software Technology Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in the research of internet application technology and the development of information system application software products. Orient Yaxin CATS, its translation software product, is the most popular domestically-developed translation tool in China.

Product System

•Yaxin CAT3.5 for PC

Yaxin CAT3.5 is a module of Yaxin CATS2.0, the professional aided translation platform. It is an assistant tool tailor-made for professional translators. Different from machine automatic translation systems, it is a kind of computer aided translation (CAT) system which utilize translation memory (TM) and flexible human-machine interaction technology to significantly increase translation efficiency, save translation costs and to assure translation quality. It is suitable for those small groups and individuals who require precise translation.

It can help translators to complete the translation work with high efficiency as well as high quality easily It promotes the mutual complement of advantages between human and computer. While the translator is in control of the translation quality, the computer provides assistance to save the time on looking up the dictionary and typing for the translator. In addition, the system is featured with self-learning capacity. Through continuous accumulation of language corpora in the translation memory, human’s workload can be reduced and repeated translation can be avoided. A proficient user can double his translation speed or above.

The system comes with more than 70 professional dictionaries and over 7 million phrases. This allows the translators at lower level to quickly improve their translation level and then become professional translators, while professional translators with ample professional backgrounds to complete their translation tasks more efficiently, more precisely and perfectly, thus effectively improve translators’ work efficiency and professional level.

The latest Version 3.5 is featured with powerful database management capacity, which is able to manage the language corpora database at any time, including adding, deleting and revising language corpora database and enriching it to make it more precise and more practical. Database management is categorized into word base management and language corpora base (memory) management.

•Yaxin Aided Translation Teaching System

Computer Aided Translation is a strongly practical course. Utilizing innovative designs in foreign language teaching course, it strategically integrates computer application and translation, and makes them complement each other. Besides fully commanding the translation ability between languages, modern students should also learn how computer aided translation techniques can be flexibly used in translation practices. In addition, they should also learn how to build professional corpora base through translation software, so as to further understand computer aided translation techniques. Yaxin Computer Aided Translation Teaching System is a practical environment built to train students, and to help them command computer aided translation skills and increase their translation expertise. Commanding this system is helpful to foster inter-disciplinary talents who have language translation abilities and are proficient in computer aided translation software. Thus the level of quality education for foreign language talents in institutions of higher education can be increased.

It is a computer aided translation software suite. It is a network aided translation platform which is based on network and large relational database, and supports multi-user collaboration. Different from machine translation (MT) systems, it is a kind of computer aided translation (CAT) systems which utilize translation memory (TM) and flexible human-machine interaction technology to significantly increase translation efficiency, save translation costs, assure translation quality and simplify project management. The system has excellent expandability. The system provides structured project management, making translation project organization and management easier, faster, and more effective with higher quality. Backed by modern network and database technologies, the system can achieve translation resources and information sharing, and high level of consistency in terminology. Back-stage resource base can be set up according to customer’s requirements, and corresponding authorities can be configured to conduct management and retrieval. The system support translation among multiple languages. Utilizing C/S mode for the system structure, it can be deployed and applied in network-based environment. The system deployment is flexible; the operation is easy; and the response is fast. For the students, the system can be used for translation practices and exercises.

•Yaxin Dictionary

Yaxin Dictionary is a tool-like database product, featuring functions like easy word retrieval, aided reading of database in foreign languages, general document translation and language conversion for web page. This product boasts a huge word database containing over 10 million entries in 8 languages (English, Japanese, Russian, German, French, Korean, Spanish and Italian) from 78 disciplines. Supporting unlimited retrieval and access by users through network, it is a must-have tool for scientific research, study and office purposes. With its general document translation function, the product can perform basic translation of electronic files in foreign languages, such as emails and Word files etc. Being able to quickly, effectively translate the electronic correspondence and files in foreign languages, it significantly increases the work efficiency and solves the difficulties in foreign language readings. With its language conversion function, web pages in foreign languages can be instantly converted into Chinese; in addition, the reading of web pages in foreign languages can also be aided through the product’s on-screen word capture function. The dream of internet surfing with zero obstacles has now come true.

Yaxin Dictionary is a database resource product and aided translation software as well. When an organization installs Yaxin Dictionary, it can serve all the users within the organization’s network. That is to say, every user in the organization has a library of dictionaries and reference books in multiple languages and disciplines, bringing great conveniences to the organization users in scientific research, office administration, teaching as well as learning.

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