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2010 Training of Trainers for Translation and Interpreting in Beijing

2010 Training of Trainers for Translation and Interpreting opened its program on July 13th at the FLTRP International Convention Centre, which marked the launch of the event co-hosted by Translators Association of China (TAC) and the National Committee for MTI Education. Mr. Huang Youyi, Vice President of China International Publishing Group, Vice President and Secretary General of TAC, and Director of the National Committee for MTI Education, Ms Jin Li, Vice President of Beijing Foreign Studies University, some instructors, as well as nearly 300 trainees took part in the opening ceremony.

The training followed the call of building the translation subjects in higher education of China, and integrated two previous training programs, namely, TAC's TOT Program in Translation and Interpretation at the Undergraduate Level, and Training for MTI Trainers. TAC and the National Committee for MTI Education endeavored to make this training a leading professional program for college and university instructors of translation and interpreting, as well as translators and interpreters who aspire to be trainers. The training lasted eight days till July 21st.  

The training had both translation and interpreting programs, and each with two stages. The first stage contained mainly classroom sessions, and the second included sitting in university teaching sessions, discussions and exchanges of ideas, as well as seminars. Those who successfully completed the program were accredited with a diploma issued by TAC and the National Committee for MTI Education. The Training received generous support from international organizations such as FIT, CIUTI, and AIIC as well as substantial assistance from the Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation & Language Education, Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS). A fleet of over 30 accomplished translators and interpreters in practice, and researchers and teachers from China’s mainland and Hong Kong, and from the U.S. and some European countries, instructed on the program. Participants were much inspired and benefited greatly from the outstanding quality of instruction, and the tight and lively schedules. 

The Chinese Translators Journal and Beijing Foreign Studies University co-organized this training, with the support of Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Transn (Beijing) Information Technology Co. Ltd, Beijing NewClass Technology Co. Ltd, and Beijing Orient Yaxin Software Technology Co. Ltd.



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