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Call for Participation in Huawei Translation and Localization Technology Forum 2015

Huawei Translation Festival, with the theme of "Translation: Above and Beyond", began September 1 and will last until November 30.

As a tradition, the Translation and Localization Technology Forum is still the highlight of the festival. Huawei translators will join this forum and share their best practices and thoughts on translation.

Join in the fun and forum as we renew our passion for translation.


9:00 – 17:30 November 28, 2015


Host City: Shanghai

Branch Cities:Shenzhen, Beijing, Nanjing, Xi'an, Chengdu and Wuhan

For Invitees

Please let us know if you wish to attend by November 25.

Join this forum for free in your preferred city as mentioned above.

Contact Forrest Wu at wuyongbo@huawei.com or call 13776653909. Please fill in the form below and email it to Forrest.




Phone No.








e.g. your preferred city


Appendix A: Program



08:40 ~ 09:00

Sign in

09:00 ~ 09:10

Introduction to agenda and honored guests

09:10 ~ 09:40

Keynote by Bill Chen

09:40 ~ 10:00

Keynote by an honored guest from HP

10:00 ~ 10:40

Paper 1 presentation

10:40 ~ 10:50

Coffee break

10:50 ~ 11:30

Paper 2 presentation

11:30 ~ 12:10

Paper 3 presentation

12:10 ~ 13:40


13:40 ~ 14:00

Sign in

14:00 ~ 14:10

Warm-up activities

14:10 ~ 14:50

Paper 4 presentation

14:50 ~ 15:30

Paper 5 presentation

15:30 ~ 15:40

Coffee break

15:40 ~ 16:20

Paper 6 presentation

16:20 ~ 16:35

Looking back at Huawei Translation Festival 2015

16:35 ~ 16:50

Huawei language technology platform demo

16:50 ~ 17:20

Award ceremony


Appendix B: Papers at Huawei Translation and Localization Technology Forum 2014 for Your Reference

1 A Primer on Linguistic Testing

2 Arabic Localization Challenges, Especially in Translation and Layouts

3 Psycholinguistics of Complete and Concise Information (Brief)

4 The qualities of a professional translator and interpreter

5 Study on Reading Ease of ICT Annual Reports

6 From Marketing Materials Translation to Language Business Expansion

7 Big Data Driven Terminology Management (2nd Prize)

8 Large Project Management of Jointly Translated Documents

9 How to Translate Telecom Documents Concisely

10 On C-E Translation of Huawei Business Invitation Letter

11 Relevance Theory's Impact on C-E Translation of Product Documentation

12 GUI Style Comparison between Huawei A&S and Mobile Internet Products

13 Accuracy Error Analysis and Solutions on Huawei Technical Documents

14 Practices on GUI Design during GUI Translation and Quality Activities

15 Dashboard Driven Analysis on Corporate Publications of Huawei and its Competitors

16 Communicative Translation Theory and Huawei News Articles

17 Translation Variation Theory and its Practices in Technical Translation

18 Weak Points of Huawei PPT Translation

19 Translation Project Management of EBG Trade Shows

20 On How to Get Correct Translation of Telecom Product Documents

21 Translation Psychology and its Impact on Technical Translation

22 How to Write and Translate Concisely and Clearly Through Big Data

23 Communicative Translation Theory and Skopos Theory: Practices in Multimedia Material Translation

24 Proofreaders' Unique Values Given to Patent Application by

25 Reading Target Text with Ease (3rd Prize)

26 Introduction to Infographics and Their Translation Practices

27 To Improve Explicit Cohesion at Grammar and Vocabulary Levels (3rd Prize)

28 Understanding Target Text and Getting Correct Translation

29 A Context-based Way of Understanding Target Text

30 Getting Interpretation Satisfied by Using Big Data Driven Knowledge Management

31 Language Quality Metrics on GUIs of Huawei and Peer Products

32 Soft Skills and Practices on Huawei Technical Translation

33 Mind Mapping Used in C-E Translation (3rd Prize)

34 Thematic Progression and Its Practices in C-E Technical Translation (1st Prize)

35 Experience in Getting Technical Descriptions Understood and Translating Correctly

36 On Non Language Related Bugs during LT

37 Test Results of Interpretation and Transcription of Chinese Speech Recognition

38 ICT Machine Translation Evaluation: As-is and To-be (2nd Prize)

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